Mini Session Recap {Athens, GA Family Photographer}

Oo-eee, I'm terrible about sharing work! Other than the little tastes via Facebook, which just doesn't quite hit the mark. So here are some highlights from this summer's glorious little Mini Sessions. It's gearing up to be time for photographing all you cuties for holiday missives - and I can't wait!

Documenting a life... {Athens, Georgia Family Photographer}

Is the very best stuff. This baby boy and I go way back - to where he was curled round in his Mama's belly, to the day he was born when I captured his breathtaking arrival in images, to his newborn session where he alternated between deep sleep and wide-eyed blinking, to his ripe old age now of 3 months old.

What a lucky world we are to have him in it:

Welcoming New Life {Athens, Georgia Birth Photographer}

This time of year makes me feel hope and renewal in a way that January 1st just can't touch. The green, the air, the birdsong, the warmth, all of it combined makes the world seem new to me again, and full of possibilities (Seasonal Affective Disorder much, Sarah?). I look forward to a return to working after the lull that comes every year, when no one really wants to venture outside into the bleakness to be photographed. I regather my creative energy and prepare for all the the new season holds. 

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