I am Sarah Baugh,

the trusty photographer behind EarlyGirl Photography. 

I started taking photographs in the 90's, but my love affair really took off in 2009 and every shot and session brings me a little more joy. 

I thrill the most at the shots that you weren't planning, the real and in-between moments that say so much. I want you to be surprised at how beautiful you are, how magical your child really is, how much your partner really loves you. 

I'm married to an amazing IT guy/writer, and Mama to two daughters; a sweet, wild sprite of a 9 year old and a sparkling, spinning 2 year old joy. I love being a part of the Athens community - and documenting the lives of the special people who call it home. I do hope I have the chance to meet you and your family someday soon.

Photo credit Kathryn Kimmel