Sister, sister... {Athens, Georgia Newborn Photographer}

I got to photograph a new little lady and her big sister the other day. Her parents might have joined in too ;) This newborn session included a beloved quilt made by little M's great grandmother, the teeniest little toes, the highest toddler toss by a daddy I've ever witnessed, and lots of sweetness and snuggles.

I love Athens, and how it feels big enough to hold so much goodness, and small enough for so many of us to be connected. This family found me through word of mouth - and I'm so glad they did. Here's to my beautiful clients, new and old.  And the sparkling future ahead of this growing family.

Welcoming New Life {Athens, Georgia Birth Photographer}

This time of year makes me feel hope and renewal in a way that January 1st just can't touch. The green, the air, the birdsong, the warmth, all of it combined makes the world seem new to me again, and full of possibilities (Seasonal Affective Disorder much, Sarah?). I look forward to a return to working after the lull that comes every year, when no one really wants to venture outside into the bleakness to be photographed. I regather my creative energy and prepare for all the the new season holds. 

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