Welcoming New Life {Athens, Georgia Birth Photographer}

This time of year makes me feel hope and renewal in a way that January 1st just can't touch. The green, the air, the birdsong, the warmth, all of it combined makes the world seem new to me again, and full of possibilities (Seasonal Affective Disorder much, Sarah?). I look forward to a return to working after the lull that comes every year, when no one really wants to venture outside into the bleakness to be photographed. I regather my creative energy and prepare for all the the new season holds. 

As if on cue, I had the chance to witness the arrival of a brand new human - and that's an honor like no other. I rarely work as a doula* anymore, but whenever I do I'm reminded of what drew me to birth work to begin with. This dear friend asked me to be her doula, and I'm so glad I agreed to it, because watching her bring her son into the world was an experience I won't ever forget.

She and her husband worked beautifully together to have a triumphant VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean). She was a rockstar. Strong and full of grace. I was able to capture some shots of labor, the moments after birth, and a proud big sister meeting her baby brother for the first time. You can see the fatigue, joy, love, disbelief, elation, and power in these, and I was grateful to be able to share them with this new family of four. 

*a woman experienced in childbirth who provides advice, information, emotional support, and physical comfort to a mother before, during, and just after childbirth.