Fall Mini Sessions ~ NOW BOOKING

It's time, it's time!

It's August, many children are back to school, and the focus shifts toward all that lays in store in the next four months. It's also, believe it or not, time to schedule your holiday pictures; but I promise not to sing any holiday music until December 1st. 

My two daughters have returned to school - Kindergarten and 7th grade (WHAT EVEN?!) and I am awfully glad to see them when afternoon rolls around, and also very grateful for the opportunity to finish an entire thought and hear considerably less late-summer bickering. Sisters, ahem.

I am offering Fall Mini Sessions with dates in October, November, and December this year, and these will be the only Mini Sessions I'm offering until 2019, so don't hold back. I haven't released location info yet, because I am still ruminating on which of Athens's many great locations to pick, but the places I choose will be beautiful, and most importantly, have the kind of light we are looking for. 

My price has gone up this season, if you are a past client I'm sure you've noticed. I thought hard about it, and it was necessary to keep this work sustainable. I also promise you that the overabundance that is my nature means we make these Mini Sessions COUNT. I thank you for your continued loyalty and the honor of letting me document your growing families, and for making my work possible. 

Okay, here they are, I hope I see you: