It's Alive!

No seriously though. I may be the world's worst blogger. The worst. But life is full of busy some days, and this poor little platform has been collecting dust since (ack!) 2011. I am remiss and I will endeavor to do better.  

In that vein - EarlyGirl Photography has had a whirlwind time since 2011! So many new faces and stories have passed in front of me, and I feel so exceptionally lucky for the privilege. 2013 was my busiest year yet, leaving the fall with little time for breathing - which was so fantastic. I hope 2014 has more happy adventures in store for the business. We'll see!

In my home life - things have also changed enormously since 2011. I am now Mama to two girls. Verity joined our family at birth via adoption in November 2012. She is so breathtakingly awesome I can't properly parse it. You'll have to take my word for it, unless you meet her in person of course, then it will be clear ;)

Adeline is now 8 and both a spectacular big sister and a generally beautiful human being. My husband Ben continues to be the best father and husband around, and through all the hills and valleys of joy and pain this life holds, we are two awfully lucky people.

So yes - if you don't hear from me here, feel free to chastise at will. I'll try to better, really I will.

And because I AM in fact a photographer - here is a picture of these girls of mine.