Summer time... Now Booking - Summer Minis!

Never mind that it technically doesn't start for a few more days, it is HERE in Georgia, complete with afternoon thunderstorms and tomatoes starting to appear at the Farmers Market. 

Summer for the EarlyGirl family means that my girls, 12 and 5, are home with me during the das, which curtails my schedule rather dramatically, and some travelling will happen as well before I return these growing babies to school in August. 

Last year I decided to offer a handful of Mini Sessions that give us the benefits of the longer days without the heat that makes all of you sweat, and withers this delicate norther flower ;-) Sunrise and Sunset sessions.

Now, don't worry, you don't literally have to meet me at sunrise, or sunset for that matter, just during short periods when the sun won't be so harsh.

Here you go: