Sunrise - Sunset Minis for You!

Summer is not my favorite season here in Georgia. I love taking my girls swimming, watching them grow browner and stronger in the water and playing outside. I love long evening potlucks with dear friends that we don't see that much of during the school year. I love the grilling out, the tomatoes growing on our back porch in big white pickle buckets, and using any excuse at all to eat a popsicle.

I do not however, love the heat. 

There's a reason I called it quits with offering summer Mini Sessions - we all melt in the mid morning and mid afternoon heat, and everyone worries about sweat, and we have to hustle hustle hustle and avoid nasty patches of bright sun in our brief time together.

Sooo... enter the early morning and early evening sessions! It's cool, the light is soft, and you'll see your reliably chipper photographer, rather than a red-faced puddle. 

I hope you'll join me: