Same old song... {Athens, Georgia Birth Photographer}

I haven't been blogging. I know, this isn't shocking. But I look at this poor neglected thing and feel terrible every time I do, so you have my apologies.

What has been going on at EGP?

Well, all sorts of beautiful. This spring has been my busiest yet, and I've loved it! After a sort of insane April, May has been much quieter with birth clients, which require me to clear the deck of other sessions. I witnessed a beautiful baby boy make his way earthside with his Mama's hard work a couple weeks ago, and I may be able to share some of those images in the future. 

My children will be off school for the summer very soon, and every year of mothering requires me to learn a few more juggling skills. This year is no exception. I can't wait for lazy days with nothing on the agenda but swimming, and I simultaneously live in fear of sisters bickering. Oh my. 

Please come see me on Instagram if you are on there yourself, and say hi! Facebook doesn't play well anymore, and so I've largely shifted my sharing of work to Instagram. You can find me here:

Okay, in the interest of leaving you with something nice to look at, here are a couple images from a fun experiment with my eldest daughter and in-camera double exposure.