Glow {Watkinsville, Georgia Family Photographer}

This Mama is someone I've crossed paths with since her eldest was a babe, and here she is now with three littles, and I finally got the chance to photograph them. They welcomed me into their home - which is one of my favorite places to shoot - seeing people in places where they are themselves. I love it when I work with a family that has such ease with each other. And like so many Mothers, Fran spoke of having no pictures of herself mothering - because let's be honest, Mamas get relegated to being behind the lens far too often. Or we foolishly want to wait for the day where we look the way we want to, and let life pass us by in the process. I urge all of you to stop waiting for that moment, because you are beautiful right this very moment, I promise. And the love you feel for your children makes you positively glow - I see it again and again. I adore seeing that glow. See how it glows here in Fran with her three growing babes.

Thanks for looking, and thank you Fran for allowing me to capture your beautiful little piece of life.

Till next time,